Fashion Designer Pinterest Manager

Fashion Designer / Pinterest Manager

Currently helping Brands and Influencers. Finding the best ways of growing on Pinterest is my full-time job, and it shouldn't be yours.

Why Pinterest?


Pinterest is a search engine

Pinterest is a Search Engine Although you have followers and you have a feed, it's a search engine. SEO is one of the keys.


Pinterest has a big audience

200 million people use Pinterest every month according to Pinterest Audience Demographics.


Pinterest is a visual tool

You need to share cute images, people are looking for inspiring things.


Pinterest is a long term game

Because SEO is so important, it takes time to rank high on searches. The good thing is that the pins we create have a long life.

What people say?

You are awesome!! Made this job so seamless, thank you!

Maria is a joy to work with. She has incredible style and understanding of Pinterest. She gets work done on time always with a smile
Lau Luna, Pinterest Manager

I'm Maria Laura Luna; you can call me Maria or Laura. I will respond to both 🙂 Luna is my surname - means moon in Spanish, my native language.
I'm Argentinian-Italian based in Milan. I have a bachelor's degree in Fashion Design and marketing background.
I have been using Pinterest since 2012 -when you needed to go through a waiting list to have an account- In 2015 I started using Pinterest for Business, and it's my full-time job since then.

Let's work together!

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